Safe, Sound, Solutions

It is never too late to plan for your future.  But many people put it off because it seems such a daunting task.  There are too many choices and who can I trust to guide me?  When planning is done right, it can be exciting and empowering.  With the help of a skilled advisor who is interested in your specific needs and knowledgeable about all of the choices, you direct your own destiny.

Protecting your current assets is also easier than you think.  We're not just talking about dollars and cents here.  We're talking about safekeeping not only your home and possessions but also the people in your life with whom you wish to share your future and your legacy.

Mike Troup founded the agency and is a professional advisor who specializes in assisting people just like you in designing their preferred lifestyle. Whether you need insurance or financial advice, our agency with our affiliated professionals should be able to help. Blaine Troup has been working in insurance and as a RIA for years and is now leading this agency. Please reach out to Blaine at 217 440-5636 for assistance.

KeyBridge is an independent insurance agency committed to assisting clients pursue their financial goals. We offer a complete range of insurance products and services to individuals, families and businesses. We are affiliated with other insurance professionals and specialists to assist us in serving you. Additionally, we also have a relationship with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) who works hand in hand with clients to delivered tailored advice, comprehensive investment plans, and object solutions that help families, individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. 100% independent investment advisor, fee based advisor who structure individual portfolios with low fees to improve overall performance of investments.

Contact Blaine today at 217 440-5636 to schedule a confidential review.